27 Dec,2012   
Security License- PSBD
Emirates Security Services ( A member of ETA Star Holding) is an ISO 9001-2000 certified and Dubai Police Licensed company with its Headquarters at Dubai, U.A.E .

We take care of all types of Security protection and private Investigations such as Industrial Security, Corporate Security, Pre-employment, Screening, etc. Our Undercover Agents will help you to apprehend thieves and stop Pilferage, Leakages of your business secrets, Strikes and Labor unrest.

Your premises can be guarded by our Security personnel. We provide trained Security Personnel to safeguard premises, property and personnel at Corporate Offices, Malls, Super Markets, Banks, Factories, Industrial Areas, Schools/ Collages and all those places where Security duties are involved. Our rates would be very competitive and service provided by us will be of absolute the best quality.

We aim at providing quality security by providing well trained Professional Security Personnel and exceeding customer’s expectations in terms of quality Security and which would be timely time-bound reaction against an evil mind. It would be a First Line Defense to keep our customer free from Loss or Fear.

Security is exceedingly important in this new era, where security is no longer simply a tolerated expenses but a value investment.

The first step in meeting your needs is identifying them. Our business solutions extend far beyond traditional Loss Prevention.

We do take care to control security of Men, Machines, Material and Information by three important components- deter, detect and document.

Our target is to achieve zero theft/ larceny/ pilferage/ sabotage/ burglary/ robbery/ hold up/ sweet hearting/ inventory shortage/ fire and prove to be a loss prevention system.

Recognizing that the Security Officers assigned to your company are the first reflection of a secure environment your employees or visitors will encounter, our security officers work round the clock to symbolize the pride and professionalism which your name stands for.

We are not a company that also happens to provide watchmen/security. Our business is 100% to protect our client and his interest by providing professionally trained Security personnel.We do not simply employ anyone who does not find a job and lastly get oneself recruited as a watchman/security, We recruit only professional, well experienced Security personnel who know and understand their job well.We do not depend on their experience alone, We do train them through Dubai Police and In-house training, On-Job Training in order to make them aware of latest modus operandi of the sophisticated crimes & criminals. Our motto is to keep our client free from loss or fear. We PROTECT.