27 Dec,2012   
Security License- PSBD
Human skills are always learnt and not inherited. The ever demanding selection requirements emphasize the criteria for a suitable staff. Since men differ in their aptitude and capacity for acquiring a specific skill, the initial selection of personnel to ensure their suitability for that particular field is “Most Important”.

Employee selection & evaluation is the most critical phase of every company. To recruit a trustworthy person, the company follows a rigorous multi-step application process followed by proper screening of the candidate through police records.

As most of the candidates we select are from defense services, their past record is easily available and this helps us in determining the stability of their character.

We provide training to our staff in following two phases:

Phase I

Induction Training:

The parameters of this training are:

• Basic Safety & Security Training
• Basic First Aid
• Fire Fighting
• The Concepts of Security
• The Need of Security
• Security of Building
• Physical Security
• Residential Security
• Security Duties at Shopping Malls & Hotels
• Bank Security
• Introduction of the Company, its Rules& Regulation
• Staff Benefits
• Basic Laws of the Government
• Introduction of the CCTV System
• Duties in the Control Room

Phase II

In this phase the training of all security guards are conducted as refresher training and it is an on going pros process. As guard are experienced, beside the basic training we emphasize on other topics in modern security.

The subjects we cover are:

• Asset protection
• VVIP Safety
• Access control
• Monitoring & Recording of CCTV
• Loss Prevention
• Risk Management
• Ste Survey